I.D.A. International Dance Arts

I.D.A. International Dance Arts is an innovative Classical Ballet Syllabus that consists of eight grades and two graduate professional levels

Innovative Approach

While respecting the history of renowned ballet syllabi, our material strives to bring expression and artistry to the forefront. It supports the dancer of today with a balance of technical strength, flexibility, and injury prevention.


Our material is accessible to all bodies and levels of learning. Our teachers work with their students in an individualistic way, celebrating diversity and unique artistry.

Constantly Evolving

Our material is under constant review, evolving with the ever-changing demands of the dance world

About Us

I.D.A. International Dance Arts is an innovative Classical Ballet Syllabus that consists of eight grades and two graduate professional levels. The syllabus was created to redefine how we teach ballet to dancers of all ages and levels. It is designed to challenge and inspire dancers, whether they are training at a recreational, competitive, or professional level. Our goal is to encourage students to find their own love and respect for ballet.

The Syllabus

The syllabus engages its students to explore the art form; to become technically strong, graceful, and more confident in their performances.  The syllabus introduces technical balletic steps at an earlier age, so that it is aligned with what students are learning in other dance genres. I.D.A.’s innovative approach allows for diverse groups of students to work hard and have fun in class while maintaining the classical foundations of ballet. The material is easy to follow and teach, allowing teachers to either complete one grade in a 6 -8 week period,  or over the span of a year depending on your preference. 

Most importantly, this syllabus allows students to be examined based on their individual potential, indicated by the evaluation stream that they are entered in by their teacher. These three streams allow dancers equal opportunity to learn and benefit from the same material without the pressure of being judged through the same lens

A little more about what we offer

Teacher Training program for certified (of another syllabus) and non-certified teachers

Monthly/annual/semi-annual symposiums and open discussions for I.D.A. members

Exams, class exams, and class evaluations

Build-up material and non-exam exercises

Members will have access to all the material and videos online through their members login

Ida Gerasolo, Creator and Founder of I.D.A.

Ida is the creator and founder of I.D.A. International Dance Arts syllabus. As the owner and Artistic Director of I.D.A. International Dance Academy, it is through the success of her school and students where I.D.A. International Dance Arts syllabus was grown and established in 2012.

With a deep history and training in pedagogical education, Ida holds a BFA in Dance and Dance Kinesiology with Honours from York University, Teacher Training Diploma from Canada’s National Ballet School, and holds her associate teaching qualification with Cecchetti Canada and The Royal Academy of Dance. Having trained under the Vaganova method for most of her life, it is Ida’s versatility and understanding of the many different approaches to ballet technique that have made her such a renowned and respected teacher.

Having taught throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean, her caring nature for all her students and understanding of their individual needs continually inspire Ida to evolve her teaching/training approach. Ida is excited to finally launch I.D.A. International Dance Arts to the world, after having a trial period with ten schools, with great success.